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I am pleased to announce, that as of

April 1, 2023, my book, Bridges of Kings County built by the Milliken Brothers Iron and Steel Company is available for purchase at all of your favorite major booksellers. e-Books are also available.

B1+ 4Book Title Page March 10th.jpg
Pg32+ 2East 94th.Street  .jpg
Pg33+ 2 94th Street bridge  .jpg
Pg42+Beverley Road Station .jpg
Pg33+ Brighton Beach railroad sec .jpg
Pg37+ Brighton Beach Inprovement  .jpg
Pg36+Brighton Beach Inprovement pg 13 .jpg
Pg40+Beverly Rd. Station tracl level .jpg
Pg41+Beverly Rd. Station tracl level  .jpg
Pg44+Beverly Road Name page.jpg
Pg46+Beverly Road Street view .jpg
Pg73+ 2Avenue H station, Midwood nov18  .jpg
Pg67+ 2Brighton Beach railroad sec  .jpg
Pg60+BBI Section web pg.jpg
Pg71+Avenue O pg nov18.jpg
Pg75+Ave S Sept.26,2022 .jpg
Pg80+Neptune Avenue  .jpg
Pg94+ 2Notes Feb .jpg
Pg85+Reference page .jpg

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